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How does the Queen like her scone?

Updated: Jan 2

Devonshire V Cornish scone. Do you like it the same way as the Queen?

How to eat your scone? What a dilemma?  It has been reported that the Queen likes the Cornish style of jam first then cream on top!. I like it the same way, it is nice to have something in common with the queen. My advice is try both and adopt the method that both suits.. The most important part is baking the scone.  Email me for a true English Scone recipe that is easy to make. The rule for scones is that it should be eaten on the day it is baked. If you are having people for tea then make the cakes and sandwich fillings the day before but scones and sandwiches on the day as close to the time everyone arrives as possible, I love talking about how to make good afternoon tea food so attend one of my Afternoon Tea classes at Central Market or come to tea and ask me.

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